About Us

Better English: A Better Future is a unique, flexible resource designed to teach the basics of English grammar and punctuation. This writing skills programme has been extensively trialled by academic staff, students, employers and employees. They say the programme is fun and easy to use, and it works!

“I have just completed your writing programme. I loved the clear, uncomplicated lessons, the Handy Hints, and most of all the PRACTICE pages. The logical progression of the lessons, starting at a basic level and building on knowledge gained, is the recipe in my experience for successful learning. And the pictures were delightful, especially when re-visiting lessons. I know that anyone undertaking this programme will enjoy mastering grammar and punctuation in this logical and structured way.”

Benefits of Better English: A Better Future

Easy to use 

  1. The programme is accessed online through our website to a secure server.
  2. Our unique personalisation remembers where you left off at your last visit, and takes you back there next time you access the programme.
  3. The navigation system has been designed to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible – all you have to do is point and click.


Clear, comprehensive engaging lessons

  1. Lessons are clear and uncomplicated.
  2. Users learn the basics of English grammar and punctuation, building on knowledge acquired at each stage to gain skills that will benefit your business.
  3. Lessons cover everything users need for writing competence.
  4. Included in this programme is a journal that users can access as a record of their learning.
  5. Users enjoy interactive digital technology.
  6. This engages them in a scientifically-based learning process, ensuring better uptake of information.