Better English For A Better Future

Are you concerned about the standard of your writing skills?

We know from research that poor English language and English grammar skills have a negative effect on job applications, visa applications, university applications and promotion prospects.

Do you want to improve your understanding of English Grammar?

Our unique online educational programme has been specially designed to assist students, job seekers, employers and employees to master literacy skills and gain a professional competitive advantage.

English is the only accepted language of business worldwide.

As competition for all sectors of business becomes global, individuals and companies whose first language is not English are investing in the literacy skills of their staff. These international businesses are looking to compete with UK businesses and know that a grammatically correct email or sales letter creates confidence, and will make the difference for a new lead or sale.

The Better English: Better Future programme is:

  • Simple to use
  • Proven to work
  • No downloads, just work online
  • Self-pace
  • Lesson, learn and practice
  • In stages, which you can visit as many time as you like
  • Start improving your English grammar skills online today.
  • Purchase the programme now and gain immediate access.


 “I found this programme to be a real help to me in understanding English grammar – and the great thing as well is people at work now start asking me for English advice.. thank you”


Why not test your basic writing skills by taking our 25-question test?

Your results will be displayed as soon as you have completed the test.

If scores are less than 23 out of 25, our programme will benefit you at a cost of just $10. Better English: A Better Future could be your best investment this year.